Below is my Dealers' Notice, as issued by the London Assay Office.  On this notice you will find extremely important information about how you can be sure that the jewellery you are buying from me is authentic.

Sadly, now more so than ever, the adage that all that glitters may not truly be gold (or silver, or platinum) still holds true.  Every jewellery buyer should feel confident about their purchases.  So, please make sure you are making an informed decision about where your jewellery really came from and what it's really made of.

If you don't see a hallmark, in the formats shown below, then that should be a big alarm bell to you.  Ask more questions.  Look deeper on the website.  Do you see a Dealers' Notice?  You should, because it's UK law whether selling online, at a shop or at a show.

Unless specifically noted otherwise (such as a piece falling below the weight threshold to require a hallmark), absolutely every piece of jewellery I make for you is authenticated and hallmarked via laser stamp by the London Assay Office.

                                                                                                    ~ Jennifer